Heleen van Pol

Retail & Events

I work with the consumers of our product on a daily basis, but I myself am also a consumer. I am a typically horsey girl, a real match with Pavo’s target group. Pavo has an honest view on how to keep your horse fit and healthy. It is fascinating how the people at Pavo can get genuinely worried when they come across a skinny horse on the Internet. I personally do not take it well when people talk badly about Pavo, it feels as if they are criticizing me. When I go to a competition, I always wear my Pavo jacket.

I take part in eventing competitions, which was born out of necessity really. My horse has in fact only one big talent: being sweet. As a matter of fact he was an old fashioned type already when he was born, and due to his confirmation, we really can’t get any higher than the Z dressage level (third level). For eventing you don’t need a specialist, but an all-rounder as it is a bit of everything: dressage, jumping, speed, courage. And that suits my horse well. The crux is that I simply enter in the competition. It is more fun that it is scary.

Meanwhile I spend all my free time training and I ride fanatically in the 110cm class. Thanks to my graduation project, I joined the Horse Event eleven years ago, the largest equine and equestrian event in the Netherlands. And I have grown with and become intertwined with the event. Everyone at Pavo knows that I am in Deurne during that week of the year!

Heleen van Pol

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