Elske Dijkstra


In order to be able to do practical things, you need to work yourself through the ‘dry matter’. What feed does to a horse is incredibly interesting as far as I am concerned and I am completely happy to sift through a lot of information to find out new things. What can be better than to achieve optimum results with horses thanks to the right feed? I have always been mad about all animals but horses are my true passion.

Currently I have three Bengal cats, which do not have a coat like ordinary cats, but they have a wild appearance like leopards. And they have a mind of their own. But perhaps that description fits me as well. I started riding at a young age, but there was no money for my own horse. Instead I helped taking care of somebody else’s horse and later on I took care of a ‘Gelderlander’, a heavy warmblood breed, originating from the Dutch province Gelderland. That type of horse stole my heart.

But right now I am busy being a mum. I have a 16-month old daughter, Elise. When she is older, I hope to find the time to let horses into my life again. My dream is to have a horse of my own, with its stable next to our house. And who knows, a pretty pony for Elise if she likes horses as much as I do.

Elske Dijkstra

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