Carolien Staal

Manager Marketing&Communications

My hubby no longer wants to go to the supermarket with me, because all I do is study the packaging and advertisements of all sorts of products. I am 100% committed to my profession. And I am really proud about how we communicate with our clients at Pavo. I myself am responsible for the website and our Facebook page. You hear the most fantastic stories.

At Pavo every new product needs to be scientifically sound and tested in practice before we launch it. And we do not advise to feeding horses any concentrates if they do not need it. If our integrity is doubted, the whole team is upset. That is why I find it important to be transparent about our brand. Everyone is allowed to come and have a look.

I gave away my trotting horse when we moved back from Germany to the Netherlands. The girl who took care of him cried her eyes out when I told her that we were moving and I just didn’t have the heart to take the horse with me. Now I am the happy owner of a Welsh Cob pony. He is not as fast as the trotter though...

Carolien Staal

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